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Rhino PROFESSIONAL Kit without Bracket

1 item = $52.95
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Want our Professional Kit, but don't need a storage bracket? This kit comes with EVERYTHING you'll need to efficiently clean ears in the OFFICE, but without the storage bracket.

[Convenient storage bracket NOT included in this kit, but is sold separately.]

One [1] DOCTOR EASY EAR WAX REMOVAL AID DROPS so you can soften stubborn wax prior to cleaning.
Twenty [20] DOCTOR EASY DISPOSABLE TIPS to avoid cross contamination. That's enough for 20 patients!
One [1] DOCTOR EASY EAR BASIN. Stop struggling with an emesis basin! Get a genuine ear basin and see the difference it makes!


Product Details
  • Rhino Ear Washer with 3 Disposable Tips
  • 20 Tips
  • Basin
  • Ear Wax Softening Drops
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Rhino PROFESSIONAL Kit without Bracket Testimonials

My whole life I've had to go in to the doctor to get my ears cleaned out at least once a year. I typically go to the walk in clinics. This last time they used this rhino ear wash system on me. When the nurse walked out I wrote down the name and looked it up when I got home. My new insurance has a co-pay of $75 for an urgent care visit, and even a regular doctor visit is $25, so for the cost of one regular visit, I can now clean out my ears whenever I need to. I save time, money and I'm not sitting in the doctor's office getting exposed to germs. Love it! I do it in the shower and when I get out my husband checks that nothing is left in the opening. So great! Wish I had known about this years ago. With little kids it's hard for me to find time to go get it done, and I'm sure at least one of them has inherited my tiny canals. Now I can do it any time.

A. Grow

Our family doctor used this on my husband today and I am ordering one right now. The over-the-counter ear cleaner just was not working this time, so my husband had to go to the doctor.His ear was really starting to hurt. It worked like a charm and the nurse said it almost always gets all the wax out on every patient.

M. Kennedy

My ears were clogged for four months, then I used the Elephant Ear Washer and in minutes they were no longer clogged! I’m a true believer in this simple, pain-free way to unclog your ears


What a great product! My husband can hear for the first time in a long time. Quick delivery and good price. I highly recommend this product if you have a wax problem.

Tina Owen

My daughter has long ongoing ear wax issues. This is like the washing system they use at the doctor's office but she can use it at home in the shower. Shouldn't use it more often than once a month or so, but works like a charm...


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