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What’s In YOUR Ears?

January, 01 21st, 2016

Think your ears are clean? Think again!

Millions of North Americans are walking around every day with some degree of ear wax impaction. Each year, eight million individuals end up at the doctor’s office when impacted ear wax makes them so miserable they can’t take it anymore.

So how can YOU keep your ears clean and avoid a costly visit to the doctor? DON’T use cotton swabs or ear pics in your ears! Don’t use ear candles [these are shown to be hoaxes] and don’t use a water pic [the pressure from a water pic can damage the eardrum.]

Every month, use a manual ear irrigator like the Elephant, Rhino or Wax-Rx Ear Washers to prevent wax build up and save yourself a trip to the doctor or clinic.

Happy Ear Washing!