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The Number One Killer of Helpless Hearing Aids!

January, 01 21st, 2016

Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of ears? Your Hearing Aid does! And that evil’s name is Ear Wax!

Ear Wax is the number one cause of hearing aid failure, and hearing aids aren’t cheap! So if you wear a hearing aid, you’ll want to keep your ears clean to extend the life of your hearing aid.

How can you keep your ears clean at home and protect your helpless hearing aid? DON’T use cotton swabs or ear pics in your ears! Don’t use ear candles [these are shown to be hoaxes] and don’t use a water pic [the pressure from a water pic can damage the eardrum.]

Every month, use a manual ear irrigator like the Elephant, Rhino or Wax-Rx Ear Washers to prevent wax build up and save the life of your precious hearing aid.

Happy ear washing!