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Ear Bud = Ear Crud!

January, 01 21st, 2016

Love to listen to music? Got a partner who snores like a drunken lumberjack?

Whatever your reason for placing ear buds or ear plugs in your ears, these items can cause major wax build up in your ears!

But you don’t have to stop listening to your favorite music or lay awake at night listening to your partner snore. Wash your ears once a month to prevent wax impaction or to remove already impacted wax.

DON’T use cotton swabs or ear pics in your ears! Don’t use ear candles [these are shown to be hoaxes] and don’t use a water pic [the pressure from a water pic can damage the eardrum.]

Use a manual ear irrigator like the Elephant, Rhino or Wax-Rx Ear Washers to wash your ears and prevent wax build up! If you already have an impaction, pre-treating with Wax Removal Aid Drops prior to washing can help assure the best results.

Happy ear washing!