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Clear To Hear!

January, 01 21st, 2016

Have you heard the latest gossip?  No? Well, maybe that’s because your ears are full of wax! Ear wax build-up is a major cause of temporary hearing loss. When wax fill the ears, sound waves can’t get in, and you miss out on all the juicy details from the lives of your favorite celebrities.

How can you know if you have impacted wax? Well, if you’ve noticed yourself turning up the TV or radio volume, or if you find yourself asking people to repeat themselves to you, your ears might be clogged with wax.

Now, not all hearing loss is caused by impacted ear wax, but cleaning your ears can be a good first line of action to take, if you notice yourself hard of hearing.  If, after cleaning, you still can’t hear, a visit to the doctor or audiologist is probably in order to determine the cause of your hearing loss.

What’s the best way to clean your ears at home? DON’T use cotton swabs or ear pics in your ears! Don’t use ear candles [these are shown to be hoaxes] and don’t use a water pic [the pressure from a water pic can damage the eardrum.]

Use a manual ear irrigator like the Elephant, Rhino or Wax-Rx Ear Washers to wash the wax out! Pre-treating with Wax Removal Aid Drops prior to washing can help assure the best results.

Happy ear washing!